Dear Marauders,

We are looking forward to fall, 2019 and your return to campus! The new, multiplex Residence Hall is still in construction and the crew is working day and night to complete this massive, new state of the art residence facility. When completed, residence living will have a new meaning to campus life! The apartment style complex will also have a Wellness Center to compliment your day to day activities.

A construction facility of this magnitude is not without its challenges. Because of the recent tornadoes that affected many of the construction crew personally and the approval requirements for occupancy codes and regulations, the project has been delayed. The new, expected completion date from the builders is September / October.

We know that you are aware that state codes will not permit occupancy until every aspect of the residence hall is fully functional. Despite these building delays, we are providing each resident with temporary housing until the construction is completed!

You will be contacted by the Office of Residence Life with more information about your temporary housing assignment. All temporary assignments, including some off-campus, will feature space and amenities comparable to your assigned unit in the new housing facilities.

Students temporarily assigned to off-campus housing, will be provided university transportation every day to classes, meals and campus activities. We know the delay and temporary assignments are an inconvenience, but we were delayed by horrific weather and the compliance codes that must be met for complete occupancy.

The link is provided so that you can see construction photos and other information regarding this new, spectacular residence hall. Thank you for your patience and the grand opening will be FANTASTIC! We appreciate your flexibility, and we promise it will be worth the wait!

Visit for more information, but if you have immediate questions, please contact:

Office of Student Affairs



Office of Student Affairs



Tell us more about the “temporary housing arrangements”.

The university has arranged temporary housing on or near campus until the completion of the new residence hall. All temporary assignments will provide comparable space and amenities as the new residence hall. It is important that the off-campus temporary housing is in close proximity to the campus so that students can access campus dining, library and other campus resources.

If I am assigned to an off-campus residence, will transportation be provided?

Yes. The university will provide transportation to classes, meals, and activities seven days a week. 

Will my housing fees change?

Housing fees will not change; however, the university will provide extra “Marauder Perks” for your convenience and patience.

What are “Marauder Perks”?

Marauder Perks are extra spending $$$ on your Marauder card. The $$$ will vary in accordance to the varying move-in dates to the new residence hall.

Are there any projected dates for move-in?

The contractors are projecting that Wings B and C will be ready in September; and Wing A will be ready in early October.

Will I still be eligible for the residential student discount on a parking permit?

Yes. Regardless of your temporary residential assignment, you will be eligible for a $10 discount on your parking permit because you are a residential student.

What should I bring to the temporary housing?

Temporary housing will provide the same amount of space per student as the new residence hall. However, we always recommend that students pack light and bring only what you need per semester. Additionally, if you are assigned to off-campus housing, there will be some restrictions on large appliances like refrigerators and microwaves.

Will I have to miss class to move into the new residence community?

Absolutely not! The university has contracted professional movers to assist each student. Move-in will be scheduled so that there will be no disruption to your course schedule when you transition into the new community.

For more information, continue to check out the new housing link weekly for updates.


We have arranged for temporary housing on or near campus for all affected students. The Office of Residence Life with contact you very soon to share all of the details about your temporary housing assignment.

We apologize for the inconvenience, and we promise to uphold our commitment to exceptional housing experience in both the temporary housing and during your transition into your permanent home for the school year.


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